Michelle Nault is an Associate Licensed Counselor
completing supervision under Joyce McKay, Ed.S.  
Michelle holds a Master's Degree from the University of
Alabama at Birmingham in Community/Agency
Counseling.  In addition, she is also in the process of
completing training under the world renowned Dr. Patrick
Carnes to obtain her certification as a Sexual Addictions
Therapist.  She will be one of five counselors in the state of Alabama to
complete the Sexual Addictions Therapist certification process.  Michelle's
other professional areas of interest include family of origin issues,
relationship issues, gender identity issues, stress and anger
management issues, eating disorders, adolescent exprimentation issues,
adolescent/adult drug addiction issues, adolescent/adult
cybersex/pornography issues, and personal issues resulting from sexual,
emotional, and physical abuse, including post traumatic stress disorder.  
Michelle has counseling experience with individuals, couples, children,
and adolescents.  She also facilitates group therapy on a variety of topics.

Michelle is available for seminars and presentations to churches, schools,
and youth groups on a variety of issues.

To schedule a confidential appointment with Michelle, inquire about group
therapy, or request information about a seminar or presentation, please
call The Counseling Center at Riverchase at 682-9919.
Michelle's Page